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This is a timber extension to a listed Georgian townhouse.

The house is a typical example of a defined typology, so we wanted to keep this intervention reversible.

Space was limited and all materials had to be brought in through the front door. Timber offered a compact construction. Carpenters could perform most of the building work, limiting the number of trades.

The fenestration was to be in ‘keeping’ with the neighbourhood. Our response was to propose a building without windows. Sanded Perspex boards blend seamlessly into the ship lapped surface and give the impression of a homogenously clad timber box. During the daytime the Perspex appears to be grey and we played with this, choosing to paint each board in a different shade of grey. The colours were carefully chosen to create a dialogue between new and old.

Consistent with the camouflage idea the openings were to be distributed randomly.

Internally this extension offers two bathrooms and a toilet/utility room. These rooms are not permanently habitable and don’t require conventional windows. The rooms have discreet trickle ventilation and mechanical extracts.